Fitzafrenic Ramble

Fitzafrenic Ramble

Born in the 90's,Lived in the 00's, Surviving The Present

Musician,Youtube Partner, Student and Life Lover

Professional Selfie Taker

Anonymous asked: Hi. ☺️


Hi :)

Ok so nobody wants to talk :(

New Snapchat Friends :)

Add me caoin.fitz


Jared Atkins
Seattle, WA
Canon 5D Mark II

Can you give any advice on location hunting for landscape photography?

I typically start out by browsing through my Instagram and Tumblr feeds. Once I find a place that looks interesting I’ll start to dig a little deeper by searching through images based on that location. If it looks like a place that I think is worth checking out I’ll start planning how to get there.

Tumblr: @jaredatkinsphoto
Flickr: @jaredatkinsphotography
Instagram: @jaredatkins_


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