Fitzafrenic Ramble

Fitzafrenic Ramble

Born in the 90's,Lived in the 00's,

Surviving The Present

Musician, fashion consciousand Life Lover

Professional Selfie Taker

Snapchat: caoinfitz


Ask me Anything

Anonymous asked: Name: Lennox Age: 20 Height: 5'3 Tattoos: I have half a sleeve on my right arm of roses. I also have a sternum tattoo of a bird. Piercings: I have a nose ring Hobbies: I sing in a lot and I mean ALOT of coffee shops in La. I also play the guitar and piano. Hair color: long and blonde Eye color: big blue eyes I also lived in Hawaii for 3 years, and I have only been to Belfast, Ireland. Ethnicity: French Canadian Languages: I speak a little Spanish, I am fluent in French and Irish.


Awesome :) now fluent in irish like Gaeilge? Such as Conas atá tú?


The Nightmare Before Christmas - Tim Burton’s Original Poem


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